These are listed with the most recent introduction first.

Sunapee Moonlight  (Marquis 2016) $50/ df

Sunapee Moonlight has 5.75″ cream-white flowers with a thin gold edge on 33″ scapes. It is a dormant tetraploid. It carries 30 buds on 5 way branching, but I have recorded an occasional scape with 40+ buds.

   It is a midseason bloomer, with modest rebloom, that often extends the flowering season to 6+ weeks.  Foliage is dark green, and increase is quick.  The pollen parent, seedling 7-544-2, has produced many tall clear colored seedlings, and a few named cultivars.

                        Enchanted April x [Wren’s Song x Marque Moon]

Lilya Leigh  (Marquis 2016) $60/ df

Named for the middle granddaughter of my daughter, Lilya Leigh carries 5″ flowers on 23″ scapes, which have 3 branches, and 18 buds.

  She is a cream-peach-pink polychrome, with a heavily toothed gold edge, and is fertile both ways.  The shortest of my introductions, she works well at the front of the border.

   Lilya Leigh is a mid-late season bloomer, and brings Reckamp lines through both parents. Foliage is dormant, with moderate increase.

               [Wedding Band x Ruffled Strawberry Parfait] x Moon Jazz

Sunapee Fashionista (Marquis 2015) $5o/df, Fall only. 

Carries 6″ flowers on 37″ scapes, with 18 buds on 3 way branching.

It is a Midseason bloomer with dormant foliage, and is easily fertile both ways

Named by my granddaughter, and occasional assistant, SF is a light violet blend,

with a heavily ruffled cream and gold edge, and deep green throat.

[(Wren’s Song x Marque Moon) x Molly Moo Moo]

Molly Moo Moo (Marquis 2014) $30/df

Dormant 5.75″/28″ Carrying 20 buds on 3-4 way branching.

Named for my second granddaughter, Molly Moo Moo is Lavender-Pink, with a creamy watermark, and white-gold Edge. An Early Midseason Bloomer, It is fertile both ways and has produced may clear colored seedlings. Growth is moderate.

(Enchanted April X Musical Medley)

Sunapee Smoothie (Marquis 2014) $30/df

Dormant 5.25″/24″ with 20 buds on 3-4 way branching

This cultivar is Rose-Pink, with an orange watermark, and toothy gold edge.
A midseason bloomer, Sunapee Smoothie is a vigorous grower with husky fans, and is fertile both ways.

(Truly Angelic X Spacecoast Cranberry Breeze)

Brenna’s Dance (Marquis 2013) $30.df

Evergreen 6.5″/26″ flowers 24 Buds on 3 way branching.

Chosen and named by my eldest Granddaughter, Brenna’s Dance, once established is a corn silk Yellow with a Rose-Pink Eye and darker edge surrounded by a yellow border.
Early-Midseason Bloom, with occasional rebloom.

Flower width and color are variable until well-established. I expect reliable rebloom in zones 7-9.

Fertile both way, but pods take persistence, and set best in light shade.

(Greywoods Tallyho X Edge of Your Seat)

 Sunapee Twilight (Marquis 2012) $20.df

Dormant 5.5″/25″ Carries 20 Buds on 3 way branching.

Smooth Rose Pink, narrow cream watermark with deep green throat and consistant gold edge.
Midseason Bloom, with occasional rebloom. Fertile both ways.

(Earth Music X Enchanted April)

Sunapee Sunset (Marquis 2012) $20.df

Dormant 4.5″/23″, carrying 25 buds on 4 way branching.

Pale orange with red eye and edge, and olive green throat. Early midseason bloom with reliable rebloom.
Fertile Both ways

A strong grower

Spring Delivery

(Summer Re-run X Awesome Blossom)

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