Rogue x Molly Moo Moo  This was the only seed from that cross

Sunapee Smoothie x Fame  A definite future intro

Wren's Song x Marque Moon  Seedling 7-544-2.  Heavily used as both pollen and pod parent

Bridgeton Eyecatcher x seedling  Strong rebloomer that will be registered soon.

Sunapee Fashionista x Belle of Ashwood  Tall clear pink

Forsythe Comanche x Wren's Song

Rock Solid x Sunapee Sunset High bud count, and rebloom

9-487-1  seedling x Moon Jazz

Victorian Lace x seedling 7-544-2  Big edge and a hard dormant

Early Rose-purple with good branching

10-313-4 seedling 7-446-4 x seedling  First to bloom here

10-602-1  7-544-2 x seedling  a late with good branching

seedling x Victorian Lace  Clear canary yellow

Rock Solid x Ring the Bells of Heaven  a likely introduction

11-154-4  Victorian Lace x 7-544-2  Clear 7"- 8" flowers

11-506-3  seedling x Marque Moon  Roundest white to date

Graywood's Tallyho x Edge of Your Seat  good bud count, and rebloom

seedling x Pirate King  a favorite, but a bit tender