These will be listed with the latest introductions first.


Sunapee Smoothie (Marquis 2014) $15/df

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Dormant 5.25″/24″ with 20 buds on 3-4 way branching This cultivar is Rose-Pink, with an orange watermark, and toothy gold edge. A midseason bloomer, Sunapee Smoothie is a vigorous grower with husky fans, and is fertile both ways. (Truly Angelic … Read More

Brenna’s Dance (Marquis 2013) $20/df

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Evergreen 6.5″/26″ flowers 24 Buds on 3 way branching. Chosen and named by my eldest Granddaughter, Brenna’s Dance, once established is a corn silk Yellow with a Rose-Pink Eye and darker edge surrounded by a yellow border. Early-Midseason Bloom, with … Read More

Sunapee Twilight (Marquis 2012) $15.df

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Dormant 5.5″/25″ Carries 20 Buds on 3 way branching. Smooth Rose Pink, narrow cream watermark with deep green throat and consistent gold edge. Midseason Bloom, with occasional rebloom. Fertile both ways. (Earth Music X Enchanted April)

Sunapee Sunset (Marquis 2012) $15/df

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Dormant 4.5″/23″, carrying 25 buds on 4 way branching. Pale orange with red eye and edge, and olive green throat. Early midseason bloom with reliable rebloom. Fertile Both ways A strong grower Spring Delivery (Summer Re-run X Awesome Blossom)

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